Timiskaming Local and Charitable Food Map

Welcome to Timiskaming Local and Charitable Food Map!

What is this Food Map for?

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As the name says, you can use this map in 2 ways:

  • To find out where you can eat and buy food grown and made in Timiskaming. This includes restaurants, caterers** and stores that sell local* foods.
  • To find more about other resources such as community gardens, food banks, and free/low cost meals, for those who may be facing financial limitations and need some help putting food on the

How to use it?

  1. Check the legend to see the different types of locations included in the map and which colour matches the one you are looking for.
  2. To move yourself around the map use your mouse/finger. To zoom in/out a specific area hit CTRL while scrolling with the mouse.
  3. Click on the coloured pins in the map and a little box will show up, with information about the location you were looking for. Please note: not all locations have a website or contact information available***.

As per Canada’s Food Guide, supporting local can not only improve individual health, as you know where you are getting your food from (less time from Farm to Table), but it also can reduce the impact on the environment.


  • Community Supports community gardens, food banks, low cost meals, etc.
  • Local Producers vegetables, fruits, livestock, cereals, etc.
  • Food premises restaurants, caterers, grocery stores, etc.
  • Public Health Inspected facilities community hall kitchens, school food program (Student Nutrition Program), etc.


*Local food: food produced in the area geographically located within the Timiskaming District, including Temagami. Includes fresh produce and livestock grown and raised in the district as well as products that use locally produced products as the first or main ingredient.

**Restaurants and businesses included on the map actively demonstrate a commitment to sourcing and selling local products when in season.

***This map is a representation of local and charitable food resources based on a shared initiative between Timiskaming Health Unit and community partners. Information is based on voluntary responses from local organizations. For specific questions about the locations included in the map please contact them directly.

Need more info?

For specific questions about the locations included in the map please contact them directly (i.e. other foods sold/produced, other services provided).

For questions specifically about the map OR if you want to update it with a new business/location please reach the Timiskaming Health Unit at 1-866-747-4305, Ext. 2265 OR at THUmappingproject@gmail.com.