Youth & Tobacco Prevention

Youth and young adults

Did you know one person dies every six seconds due to tobacco use, according to the World Health Organization? Did you know that tobacco companies target youth just like you? They do this by making tobacco look cool. Even smoking in movies is done on purpose to target you.

Did you know that you can fight back? Don’t be fooled. You can resist and stay smoke-free.

See what youth are talking about

Young people just like you are getting involved. Explore the links below to see what’s happening.
A provincial campaign led by youth for youth (Freeze the Industry)
Learn about the tobacco industry’s influence in movies (Smoke-Free Movies)
Leave the Pack Behind (Resource for college and university students)

Tobacco Industry Denormalization (Research by the Non-Smokers’ Rights Association on ways to eliminate the norm of smoking)

Youth Advocacy Training Institute (YATI) (An organization that builds skills to promote health and prevent and reduce tobacco use)

Quitting smoking

Are you a young person who wants to quit smoking? There is information and support specifically for you.

Want to make a difference in the health of your peers and your community? Are you between the ages of 12-24? Then think about becoming a Timiskaming Youth Champion!

We are leaders that work with our friends, families and community partners to address health issues that matter to you. Becoming a youth champion is a great way to gain leadership, teamwork and planning skills.

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