Nutrition Month

Nutrition Month 2020

The Timiskaming Health Unit will be focusing on raising awareness on food insecurity for Nutrition Month 2020. Food insecurity is when someone does not have enough money to purchase food for themselves and their family. Click here for more information on food insecurity.


Dietitians of Canada Campaign 2020

 Dietitians recognize that healthy eating is about so much more than food. In 2019, Health Canada released the new Canada’s Food Guide, which includes information beyond food and nutrients. It discusses how topics such as food literacy, culture, traditions, availability and sustainability all play a role in our health and should be recognized. 

The 2020 Nutrition Month campaign recognizes the healthy eating habits that are a part of the new Canada’s Food guide and encourages Canadians to eat mindfully, cook more often, enjoy your food and eat meals with others. 

Try a new recipe to enjoy with others from the Dietitians of Canada recipe eBook!

Get the answers to your nutrition questions

Find trustworthy nutrition information with Unlock Food! Unlock Food provides information on food, healthy eating, and recipes. This information is created and reviewed by registered dietitians with the goal of providing the public with trusted nutrition advice for free.  

Here are three easy ways to reach a registered dietitian:

  1. Learn about where dietitian services are available in the Timiskaming region
  2. Visit Unlock Food for information, tips and recipes
  3. Telehealth Ontario, a free phone service that connects residents of Ontario with the service of a Registered Dietitian. Available Monday to Friday (9:00am to 5:00 pm) at 1-866-797-0000 (toll-free).  

Check out these others links for helpful information: