Eat Well for Life


The Timiskaming Health Unit is assessing the need for nutrition programing for seniors living in our community. Two local Family Health Teams have recently implemented a screening tool for seniors living in the community to assess their risk of malnutrition. The tool has identified a higher than expected number of seniors with at risk for malnutrition. Our first step was to identify potential knowledge gaps and barriers that seniors may have to healthy eating. The next step is to host two focus groups to assess the knowledge of healthy eating, barriers that the community faces, what can be done to support them, and what type of programs they are interested in. 

For more information contact Laura Dias at or at 705-647-4305, Extension 2265.


As we grow older our nutrition needs change, but no matter our age, eating well is an important part of staying healthy. Eating well helps you feel your best each day and will help to prevent or manage heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and some cancers. Choose a variety of healthy and tasty foods each day to meet your nutrition needs.

Food and Healthy Eating

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